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cool website pastor shane!!!


Wow Pastor Shane, last Sunday's sermon was really

pastor shane

thanks guys, I'm glad you see how the "comments" are supposed to work.

Harla Adams

Shane, several weeks ago Ronnie and I had the opportunity to worship at your church. I believe that was your first sermon on Heaven & Hell. It was very powerful. Thank you for the Bible based pastor you are. I have many fond memories of attending FCC as a child with my grandma and grandad, and I am so happy my family members, who are members of FCC have such a strong leader. Keep up the great work!

Kevin U

I am so glad we have a computer geek for a pastor.. Keep up Gods' good work.

Marilyn Michels

Pastor Shane:

I always admire your boldness in the sermons and how you don't try to "tickle" our ears to hear what we want to hear but what the Word says. Keep up the good sermons.

brian k

Hey love your sight, its a work of art. the picture could sure use some touch up work though! I'll be visiting often, so keep up the hard dedicated work.

Pastor Shane

In response to Brian K....Sorry about the picture, I was going to put a picture of Brad Pitt and say it was me, but I thought it might be too dishonest.

Mary Jo

Hey Shane, I liked your picture. We would know the difference if you put someone else there. I am really liking your site. I hope your comments touch the heart, mind and soul of many...they certainly are mine. God Bless You. I am sure we will all be returning often.


Hey, powerful message last Sunday.. If that didn't move those that are unsaved I'm not sure what will..

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