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Marilyn Michels

Sorry I missed out on the good time. Maybe next year it will work out I can go.

Debi U.

I think you missed your calling (no pun intended) - you could be the next Dave Barry (or at least his fill-in while he's on hiatus). tee hee By the way, am I the only one who has to type the numbers and letters to make sure I'm not a robot? I'm gonna feel really stupid if this is just some cruel joke you're playing on me!


**Rolls Eyes**

No Debi, you are not the only one.... Who is Dave Barry?


Alex, Alex, Alex...Dave Barry is a syndicated columnist who makes millions while humorously entertaining the world... Whereas I am a small town preacher/blogger who makes slightly less money while entertaining the Umphenours...Do you remember a TV show called, "Dave's World" (it was about Dave Barry). It was on back in the early 1990s....Nevermind that was before you were born...

Debi U.

To Alex: "Rolls Eyes" (and maybe your head!)- see Shane's bio of Dave Barry.

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