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Mary Jo

CONGRATULATIONS! I knew it. All you had to do was ask me. Now everyone can enjoy the campout and rejoice with you. Mary Jo


Of course you knew Mary Jo...that's what EVERYONE says. You had a 50-50 chance of getting it right anyway...Thanks for the congrats. See you at the campout.


Okay............you and the nurse w/ the suspense. Finally I just scrolled down to the bottom to find out. Congrats!

See ya Sunday!


A man can never have too many women in his life.... :)

Debi U.

Boy, your blogs can be about as windy as your sermons. See? I'm not always nice!
Congratulations to you both!


Now that comment sounded a little more "umphenour"...more specifically it sounded "kevin umphenour"...Thanks for the congrats...I better stop now or my comments will become like my sermon and my blogs...

Debi U.

I have felt like a complete jerk ever since I posted that "windy" comment - I thought I could be more like Kevin, but the one difference is I feel bad and he wouldn't give it a second thought. I DON'T think your sermons are windy - I think they're great and I think your blogs are great, too. From now on, I will leave the sarcasm to Kevin, who(m)(?) does it so well! Let's just put this all behind us and from now on, I will be nice.


You're too nice (thats a compliment). I thought your comment was funny. Of course if you try to compete with Kevin at sarcasm you'll probably lose. He DOES have a gift for it...

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