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Oh we of little faith - yeah, you got your laptop! And another one for 5.50? guess you'll have to buy some more cheese to keep that puppy running (or should I say hamster) tee hee. Amber did a great job talking about her mission trip - makes me feel pretty spoiled like I know I am.


Ok, sorry I was not the first...Busy busy.

I wish I could have heard Amber's testimony. I bet it was really great.

A hamster eh? Cute. I had a gerbil once. Called him Speedy. He ran away. I hope your hamster doesn't!!

And Kansas basketball is the bomb diggity thank you!


Alex your slipping...Debi beat you this time... Amber's Testimony was great. It opened our eyes to the needs of others around the world....I've got plenty of "cheese" stored up for my computer. Believe it or not it actually types!.......ALEX: did you say "Kansas basketball is the bomb?" Are you becoming a Jayhawk fan like you dad KU?...


I think that cheese is getting to your head. I meant Kansas High School basketball, thank you!

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