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Oh yes...First again!

I have to say Shane, I was so very shocked to read that you listen to country music....How shameful! Just kidding. I love country music, and I listen to it all the time. My sister and I rarely listen to anything else. It is hard for me to admit the lyrics are something I shouldn't be listening to. After listening to it for so long, you just think you are used to it. That is no excuse, but I am just trying to show things to you from my YOUNGER,(much younger) point of view! :) HEHEHE...

YOU scored 28 points? And here I thought you were just the nerd in school. Shame on me! Just kidding...That was on Junior varsity wasn't it? ;)

I love Rascal Flatts..but which one is Joe Don? And wow, the Rascal Flatts must be a lot older than I thought they were....


Varsity, NOT Jr. Varsity. We were lucky to have enough players for a Varsity team. We didn't have JV......AND NO, I wasn't a nerd in High School (or college). I started to become a nerd in my 20's and then grew into the full fledged nerd you know today...Rascal Flatts is much older than you thought huh? Yeah, Joe Don is my age (32) which means he's only a few years away from a hip replacement and the nursing home.....

Debi U.

I know Kevin wouldn't want to brag (okay, yes he would), but he once scored 50 points in a basketball game and has the newspaper picture in his scrapbook to prove it. You probably wouldn't recognize him either - he had that long hair thing going, too. I don't think he was playing against anyone with future fame, though - score another point for you! You are so right about the lyrics in secular songs - and not only that, the deejay's comments can be pretty racy and filled with innuendo.
Saw the note at church from Pastor Clay - what a blessing that was to you and your blog on that subject made me think about not putting things off. Your reminder was very good.
Since I was in the nursery today with Savannah, thought you and Erin might have a little cash for me to keep your family secrets to myself - tee hee - only kidding!
Have a great week -


WOW! 50 POINTS!!!...He must have been a REAL Ball Hog. (Just kidding)...I'll have to ask him about it. I'm sure he would LOVE to tell me. Of course 50 points against Kansas competition is about the same as 28 against Oklahoma competition :)...I'll have a bribe to you ASAP to keep you quiet about whatever Savannah told you. She IS quite a talker...

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