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Marilyn Michels

Hey I really enjoyed the article about your lap top. I got a lot of chuckles out of it. Not bc of the lap top in itself (believe me my kids say I am not very technical in the way of cell phone & computers), but in the fact of the responses you got. Maybe you need to run a copy of it & have it stuff inside our bulletins for Sun. Have a good day.



Dang it...I wasn't the first...Close though.

Shane, you are probably right about my dad. He gets grumbly when he's jealous... ;)

I am sure Matthew really was genuinely impressed. Even eccentric Kansas preachers get cool things sometimes too!

I think that's awesome. I would have been impressed.

And I am sure the Canadian will not let you down. eBay is always a good place to get cheap, nice things. Well, usually...Hmmm...



Shane, haven't you heard the old expression "you get what you pay for". There's two problems with your lap top the way I see it. One, $31 ( I need say no more about that). Two, IT'S FROM CANADA.. It probably thinks and spells in liberal French... Man, you Okies will fall for any thing.. PS I'm grumpy all the time, not just when I'm jealous... Also, there is one instance I can think of where that old addage I mentioned at the beginning would be false. I shouldnt have to tell you what that might be.....?


For those who don't know, "KU" above is a certain Kevin we all know and love. He uses the initials KU because he is a HUGE Kansas Jayhawks fan. (Rock Chalk Jayhawk GO KU!). My laptop is a Toshiba so I'm hoping its "conservative Japanese" rather than "liberal French." Touche on the comment about your grumpiness. (Sorry, did I just use French?). You need to have more faith in my laptop. Read Alex's comments above and learn from her youthful wisdom.

Debi U.

Am loving all your articles - keep up the good work on your approaching laptop. You are treading on some pretty sacred ground calling my husband a KU fan - you'll think grumpy!
See ya Sunday...


Conservative Japenese!! Funny stuff...

My dad, grumpy ALL the time? That is the understatement of the year.

A KU fan? Now Pastor Shane...That was going too far. Might have to stop commenting on your site if you are going to insult people like that!

Now dad, what in the world is wrong with Canadians?

You really should learn from my youthful wisdom as Pastor Shane said...He knows a lot!! Hahahaha


Have you rec'd laptop yet?

By the way I like the article on procrastination.


The laptop is not here yet Harold. Keep your fingers crossed for me. As soon as it arrives I'll be showing it off. A lot of people have said they're anxious to see it. I guess they need a good laugh...


Not here yet huh.... Well, ... I wonder why.. IT'S FROM CANADA.. what do you expect. It probably had to ship via FRANCE.


Dad has so much more...hostility...towards the French than the average American. Who knew?

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