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No struggle here, with election or eternal life. Good job of explaining it.


great job, now you should write your next blog telling us WHY? why does God choose some but not all. we talked about it in sunday school a while back, but i thought some might be wondering why a soverign God would allow so many to perish. have fun...

Debi U.

I believe what the Word says about election, but I will admit it's still hard for me. Doesn't the bible say he wouldn't want anyone to perish? Was there no hope for those who weren't elected when they were first born? I know God can do what He wants and I guess the answer is I will never really understand His higher ways this side of heaven. It scares me for all the lost family and friends that I have and makes me even more grateful for my salvation. But I still have alot of questions - it doesn't take away from my faith, just my understanding.

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