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Mary Jo

I never thought I would be1st in anything, especially a comment on your blog. It makes for quite a fish story. I really think you take Danny with you so he can show it is always not that easy. Maybe it just shows ANDREW is following his namesake. Harold


hey did you know that fishing without bait is illegal. its called snagging. don't worry i won't turn you in, after all what are friends for:0)

Grandma Selph

Maybe Andrew has been hanging out with his Grandpa Johnson. Grandpa will be so proud and excited for Andrew. How fun...and yes, I believe God cares about just such little things.


To Brian: Snagging a fish "accidentally" isn't illegal..."Noodling" is illegal. But I threw the fish back anyway...Besides the only "credible" witness is my wife and by law she doesn't have to testify against me. I should be safe...hopefully.

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