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Dear Pastor,
I noticed that there was no rush to comment on this one. I know that i am responsible for part of my journey. Pull myself up by my bootstraps stuff. (worlds way) I also must rely on the word of God. Finding the balance of hang on and let go is the real heart bender. Identifying the obvious to mortify is a little easier. The subtle attitudes and omissions that hide in our blind spots are alittle more tricky. Ha!
Age and unmet expctations seem to contibute to the array of incursions against peace and freedom.
What do the folks do that haven't made a commitment to Christ,read thru their bible,and fellowship with believers do? Wow!
You sir bring on messages that pierce,tenderize,lift-up and set on solid ground the hearts of those who read and listen. Thank you for the oasis you have been priveledged to provide.


I, too, hate sin, which means its very hard when we fail. It makes life seem very ugly at times but the believer keeps going just relying on the hope that some day there will be perfection for the believer.

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