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Excellent point! Worship should never become humdrum.



WOW I never thought of it as using the Lord's name in vain. I will be sure to make sure when I am "listening" to my music that I am trying to worhip & not just have background noise. Thanks for the revelation. MDM

Jackie Walker

Shane, I think as humans we tend to live in a box. We are bombarded by so much sensory information - whether music, billboards, etc. we turn off what is around us. And, that includes Christian music. But, I believe that having 96.1 on or The Message on XM allows us the opportunity to keep God in the front of our minds. Unfortunately most of us are wrapped up in our daily lives and call on God only when we are in need. When a song comes on that really hits home, we indeed listen to that song and try to relate it to our present situation. I believe that by keeping Christian music on brings God closer to us in our thought processes and may bump us into prayer sooner than when listening to the Fox or other stations. Until we become Monks in Mongolia we're going to have to deal with the Adam syndrome and with all of the fragments coming at us from the bombs bursting overhead.
Jackie Walker


Good comments! Its nice to know these are being read :) ...Jackie, I like your point about "being bumped into prayer"--We need all the help we can get in that area--and Christian music can sometimes do the trick. And its a lot better than some secular music which can "bump our minds" where they don't need to be.

Debi U.

I understand your warning and know exactly what you mean with Shout to the Lord - I've heard it so many times like Awesome God I tend to sigh like I would if "You Light Up My Life" ever comes on again! Thanks - I needed that.

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