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Marilyn Michels

Pastor Shane:

I read all of the blogs. Even the football one, I hate to admit that one. I am not a football fan. Everywhere ya go we have to hear about the games. Suddenly everyone is a coach & has all the answers of why their team has lost. Sometimes I think many make the football players their "gods" & idolize them more than they do GOD!

Debi U.

You crack me up! Even though I'm sure Kevin has no love for Oklahoma, it was outraged at the bad call, too. And of course, the Chiefs did lose, as you predicted, and will probably continue to do so. But there's always K-State - go Cats! Missed being in church today, but my back is better after a drug-induced coma for most of the day. Go pain pills!


same with me, I love football, too much- i have not seen a game in over 3 years not even the superbowl. i dont have enough time to do all the important things, so why waste any on football, it takes you away from your family and some times God, yep for me football is gone. cant say i miss it too much, i especially dont miss the (football) commercials.


K-State is undefeated thank you. The "Gay-hawks", or Jayhawks as you like to call them, lost to Toledo(sp?). Who is that? I don't even know how to spell it. You are right though. We definitely know they have a former Sooner for a coach....Hehehehe....


Alex, Alex, Alex ...Toledo is a city in Ohio (Ohio is another state in the USA in case you're wondering). And by the way, USA stands for the United States of America.....Yeah K-State is undefeated. They beat Marshall last week and they may have beaten a couple of Junior College teams as well. I think they also beat Prairie View High School. We'll see how they do against Louisville this week. (BTW--in case you're wondering its pronounced LEWEY-ville. And its a city in Kentucky...and Kentucky is another state in the USA, And USA stands for.....nevermind.


Oh...You think you're real funny don't ya smart guy....

I guess we will see what happens, won't we.

BTW- KSU Wildcats are based in Manhappenin, a town in Kansas , which is in the USA. Which is the United States of America.

Which means then cannot be beaten by some loser school like Louisville.


Manhappenin?...Thanks for the laugh Alex, I needed that---The only thing "happenin" in Manhatten is dust storms, pig shows, and lousy football. Sorry, thats not true, the football team has been upgraded to "sub-par." What's K-State doing playing a ranked non-conference team anyway? I bet they made a mistake when they scheduled it. They thought they were scheduling EVANS-ville (division 2 cream puff) instead of LOUIS-ville (#8 in the country). Imagine the shock in Manhappenin when they see Louisville show up on Saturday. (AGHHH! run back in the locker room boys--its a REAL football team)...Seriously, I think K-State has a chance to pull the upset. BTW- Louisville's starting QB is hurt so Hunter Cantwell (Delyte's grandson) will be starting. That gives the game an interesting "Pleasanton" twist. (Go Cards)

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