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I believe that this blog (and the sermon on this same topic which I also heard while at home) covers some of the most basic, truthful and oftentimes forgotten requirements for true revival in one's heart or in a church. So many times we think that the speaker wasn't good enough, childcare wasn't provided, no snacks were available, the timing was wrong, the dates were wrong, the weather was bad...but in the end, we should all be examining our hearts and seeking revival there every day. And seeking spiritual revival in our homes, churches and lives in the same manner--by obeying God and asking Him to change our hearts through the power of His Holy Spirit. I've never realized until this past year or so just how well Satan has blinded so many of us, even those who truly know Christ, to the truth--that we can do nothingNOTHINGnothing without Jesus in our hearts or without the counsel of the HOly Spirit. That we cannot "make" a revival happen in our church or "make" our families accept Christ or "make" the world better. That reallly puts prayer into a whole new category of importance, I think.
Thanks for your blog!

Debi U.

Your blog really convicted me to start with myself when it comes to "revival".


Thank you both for the comments. As Jesus told us, apart from him, we can do NOTHING(John 15:5). I understand that more everyday as well. And as Debi mentioned-- that need to start with ourselves and seek that "personal revival" as we pursue "Church Revival."

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