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I accidentally stumbled on your blog and here i came to know there are ‘false gods.’ And then I remembered the story of ‘the frog in a well.’ So i depart.


Before Bible Study on wed.and reading this I guess I just didn't think of the things that i love to do or as worshiping other things but really it makes since. I didn't know that well of our possesions until our fire and GOD brought us all out safetly,It was answered prayer because i knew people should like me for who i am and not what nice things i have aquired,HE SAVED FOR ME EVERYTHING I NEEDED OUT OF THAT FIRE ANSWERED PRAYER NO MATTER THE OUTCOME AND MY FAMILY UNHARMED... AMEN


Poor Abhi.You know the story of the frog in the well, but do you know the story of the frog in a pan of water. We are all that frog. Comfortable in our sin, and not even aware of it.(1 John2:11) Without the quickening of the spirit, we never will. But the God and creator of this world only sees us dead,unless we take the death of Christ for our own.He was the supreme sacrifice for us. Unfortunately, as I said before, we don't even see our need for it. We are fine like we are. Thank God for his Grace. That he shows us our need and makes us capable to respond. And keeps us to the end. And it is he that works good works through us that he predestined us to,before time ever began. Thanks be to God.


Sorry. God creates men, but they choose each other.
I am from Turkey and also now'm speaking English, give please true I wrote the following sentence: "Sterling is in tape of the music's colleague of attitudes, moving states of frequencies to the races when replaced."

Best regards :(, Jackson.

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