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Good blog - you are such a hoot!
P.S. What do you think of a husband who's been married for almost 8 years and spells his wife's name wrong? I don't want to reveal his name but his initials are Kavun Umphenour.


you sure like animals, anyhow good stuff, and if your right in the last paragraph, then i should be going home within a year. i always wonder if the anti-christ will come as a clone that scientist make. wouldn't that be something!


Preach it, brother!

Awesome blog, again. I'm going to deviate a little and say thank you to God, not you, Pastor Shane, for giving you a tremendous dose of the Holy Spirit, and thanking Him that you follow the Spirit's counsel in your sermons, teaching, advice and blogs. Thank God for speaking His truth!
And--I find it a little strange--not a coincidence, mind you, just strange--that I had the same thoughts about Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama; not specifically that Hillary is the False Prophet, but that Barrack Obama is just "suave" enough, just unassuming enough to be, indeed, very dangerous come Presidential election time, or perhaps even farther into the future. And enough people are lost, deceived and not paying attention that they just might elect such evil-doers into office. Now, mind you, I did not, and still do not, know his "platform issues", but I can only assume what they must be due to his party affiliation and the fact that so many people really like him. Just interesting to note that such a figure will deceive so many in the end days.
And I agree that Hillary is too outright mean and evil (for some of us who are intelligent enough, thanks to the Holy Spirit, to discern that anyway) to really do much damage (although, do you have any idea what her health insurance plan, "Hillarycare" would look like if she put it into place...God help us all! Mostly the unborn...).
Okay, sorry to rant. Thanks for the awesome blog! COME LORD JESUS! TOMORROW!

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