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Great article. I think it is also important to remember that the bible says sexual sin is also against the body.Nothing like taking the sin unto ourselves and into our own body. The temple.I also think it is not a large leap from one type of perversion to another. As one who struggled with internet pornography, I can attest to that. However the work of Christ on the cross is able to redeem us, and restore what the worm has destroyed. I thank God for your boldness Pastor Shane. We need to keep our "men of God" in our prayers. They are not infallible.


I appreciate your article, shedding some positive light on a horribly sinful story about this Pastor's fall from grace, so-to-speak. The positive being his honesty and contrite heart, and the reminder that we ought not stray too far into the world lest the same happen to us.
It's just so disappointing, though, to see the leader of such a large flock fall like this...and to see others pounce on him as a lion on a lamb for his mistake. I'm sure there will be no follow-up story about his repentant heart, the church's discipline or his apology to the church. I'm not surprised by this, of course, in a fallen world, but I'm still grieved by it.
Thanks for a great blog.

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