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Great blog. It's a great reminder to those of us who find ourselves at the end of either spectrum--obedience or love--and think we are better than the person perhaps at the opposite end.... Both are required and expected of us, at least in partnership with the work of the Holy Spirit in our hearts.
I may be opening up another can of worms here, I don't know: but there seem to be more and more "Christians" who "wear their freedom on their sleeves" as believers (quoted from my brother-in-law), and think that as believers, in Christ, they can do just about anything they want. Not outright sin, mind you, but not obedience to God's word, either. I think sometimes we really "run" with the love and grace thing and have forgotten the required obedience. Are there more of these kinds in the world now than those who are more Puritanical and obedient, but have a problem with love and grace? I don't know; personal observation. I could be dead wrong here. That's one thing I've been convicted about--obedience. I am inherently better at love and grace, but requiring obedience of myself and expecting or encouraging it from others is something I have to work on.
Keep preaching Pastor Shane! May the Holy Spirit continue to change lives through the truth of His Word as you preach and teach it...


I don't think there's ANY DOUBT we are living in an age that is big on grace, and small on obedience. The 21st century American church is in no real danger of legalism....sin is rampant, accepted, and often even embraced. Those of us who preach obedience are often painted as "legalists"....Legalism is a real danger....but calling for obedience isn't legalism...when you're also calling people to love. My personal leaning is towards obedience, which means I have to make sure I'm still showing grace to those I challenge. But by and large I think most American Christians go to the other extreme ....The "live and let live" idea sounds so sweet and gracious...but in reality a lack of obedience to Christ is highly insulting to His Name...and devastating to a church's witness.....Not to mention the fact that sinners who don't turn to Christ really are going to perish....and there's nothing loving about ignoring that fact. Of course its not just the church...America has become a place where anyone who has an opinion on anything is considered "mean spirited" or "intolerant." Our culture praises you if you accept sin...and rips you if you ever confront sin. What can I say? The world has gone mad...Christians just have to make sure and commit to BOTH "devoted obedience" AND "steadfast love" for Christ...and lovingly confront our sinful culture with the error of its ways, and the salvation found in Christ alone.

brian k

its ironic that you wrote this blog, because after i listened to your sermon i went through the steps of examining myself. i was deeply convicted about the lack of love i genuinely have. oh sure i my deeds may seem to show my real inside but good deeds without love is nothing.( 1cor.13) anyhow thanks for stepping on my bad toe again. and pray for me as i have repented but am a little depessesed over the fact that i dont have something i need to be a christian. pray that God would reveal my true self though all the hypocracy. thanks

Debi U.

Good blog - like they always are. I know what I need to work on.
Thanks for fixing the ActiveX thing - everything seems to be fine now.

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