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Pastor Shane, God has given you wisdom and insight. I am very thankful for a man of God like yourself, who is willing to put himself out there,and teach the truth. Btw, I proof read my last response after I posted it.(stupid) I am not Armenian. Never been outside of England,as far as Europe is concerned. However, after coming from a background of freewill, grasping these truths of grace has been such a great gift. Spurgeon had as big a hand in pointing me in this direction as did Dr.Sproll, and GTY. Phil Johnson has a large archive of Charles Spurgeons messages and they are all relevant. I believe the biggest stumbling block for people to accept the doctrines of grace is the first point. If you do not believe that man is totally incapable of responding to God because of his total ddepravity, then there is no way you will believe that salvation is all of the grace of God. Anything else does not put enough emphasis on man's responsibility. After all, how could God hold us responsible for something we can not do for ourselves. Despite all the evidence in the bible that we are dead in our sins, it seems we just can"t see it. I do find it interesting,though, that we live our everyday lives to the contrary. If you don't pay your gas bill because there is no money in the account, they still turn you off, regardless of inability to pay. Btw, try that argument with the IRS. Let me know if that works. Anyway, if you don't believe in your total inability to respond to God , then of course you have to believe that God needs your help to save you.(Your cooperation) And if atonement is for everyone then it really isn't atonement. All it does is bring you back to even and then it requires of you to make the right choice. However, atonement, implies a complete work all of it's own. If the work was not complete, then Christ would not be raised. His sacrifice was just as good as the bulls and goats of the old testament. None of them raised from the dead. But God raised Christ from the dead showing us that he accepted the sacrifice, and that it stands alone,complete, and finished.(1Cor.15:12-19) Yes we have to respond to the call, but if it were not for the regenerating work of God on our dead spirit man, we would not be able to respond. that is the pivot point of the whole doctrine. Anything less is a man made,man obtained, and man, maintaned gospel. One thats was never spoken of in the word and never preached by the apostles or the church fathers. Keep up the good work Pastor Shane. You are spreading the truth.

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