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You are so VERY right on. I feel such a sadness today thinking how many more babies will be killed because of the "liberal" thinkers that have been elected over conservatives. Our country does deserve any punishment God would choose to give us and all the more reason for we as believers to be on our knees for this country. The only thing we have to rely on is truly God is in control - and praise Him for that. What an amazing truthful blog.

Steve Suttill

Another great post brother. I appreciate your honesty and clarity, not to mention your commitment to truth. But perhaps there is a bright spot in all this. Maybe Christians will now realize the power to change this society is not in politics or politicians. In spite of winning elections the last several years, it is clear we haven't really changed many hearts. Maybe now we will see a renewed fervor for godliness resulting in authentic, biblical evangelism that will change hearts, not just votes, that will fill the kingdom and not just our churches! Judgment begins with the house of the LORD!

Stay the course,


While reading this which i say RIGHT ON TO!!! I kept thinking,that i would not be able to go on during this rightful Judgement,whithout having God to look to for comfort.And the people who would not only vote for this stuff, but also take part in them, they don't care and that comfort cannot be their,How sad. MAY THE LORDS WILL BE DONE AND MAY THIS COUNTRY FALL ON ITS FACE IN SHAME, FOR THE CHOICES IT MAKES EVERY DAY. The mixed up priorites in this country saddens me so.Great blog Shane!


I have to agree with Steve (and the other comments, as well) in that, although I am MORE THAN SADDENED AND DEEPLY GRIEVED by what the American people seem to CHOOSE by their own will, I am hopeful and prayerful that this will be a time of deep renewal and revival in the Lord's church. We will sort the wheat from the chaf and find out who's truly committed when more murderous laws, people and policies are put into place by our newly-elected legislators. My spirit is disgusted and grieved, and I can only think that we are so deserving of the coming judgment from God...I only pray that I can partake in any revival, any renewal, any evangelism, any Kingdom work He might lead me into before this world--or myself--passes away. My hope lies in the Lord and that's all--and in His righteousness, that I might be found living a holy life when He returns, or when I meet Him in Heaven. And I'm praying that those of my family and friends who are lost will receive Him before He comes. But I heartily and readily say "COME LORD JESUS! AMEN."


just to look at the bright side the worse things get the closer we saint get to our home, but i fear that what is needed for revival is judgement. in the old testiment, time and time again God poured out judgements on isreal to bring them bach to Him. it coming, lets make sure we are well rooted or we will blow away with this country.

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