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Debi U.

I read that article, too, and got tickled that the neighbor was so aghast they didn't believe in any fictional holiday character. When my children were little, we did the Santa thing, but I always said it was a fun story and didn't push it when they asked if he was really real. Aubin's friends (after she told them Santa wasn't real) told her if she didn't believe in Santa, she didn't believe in God. Pretty funny coming from 6 or seven year olds mouths. Once at the mall, the Easter Bunny came up to Aubin and she was terrified like Andrew (you really don't see anyone like that in your everyday walk!). I think Aubin was around three and she said "Hi Easter Bunny, my name is Aubin" hoping to appease him I guess with this correct greeting! Another great blog - we were just talking a couple of weeks ago in our Sunday School class about how the bible doesn't tell us to separate from the world like the Amish. There's hardly a chance to witness or be a light to the lost if you never associate with them, is there?

brian k

Not only do i agree that santa clause takes up too much attention, i also believe that it is wrong to lie to your kids, im not sure where i got this idea, it may have been that thick black book. however the real story of saint nick and how he lived and died for christ is a real treat for all of us who are too worldly.


I agree that children don't need another hero at Christmas and i must say that i do the santa thing with my smaller kids only because my children, Thanks only to GOD, Knows what Christmas is truly about, if they didn't then i would probally worry that they might think it was all about santa and how many presants he will bring. I guess i was just use to it when i was a kid and just passed it down without really giving it much thought when they were real little. I was really impressed, when at work, i told a woman have a Merry Christmas she said, Thank you for not saying happy holiday's over half of the world says that now and it makes me so mad, so have a Merry Christmas to you too. It was really nice to see that there is still people who realize that it is about Christ and not about the time of year. Anyway i am rambling on. once again great blog Shane


wait......so what you are saying is...Santa's not real??


NO! NO!---you mis-interpreted Amber...Santa IS Real....he's just evil. (just kidding)...actually YOU know he's real better than most people, since he's your great uncle from Kansas City. (ha ha)....Good comments everyone....Santa can be a "touchy subject" with some folks...we just have to make sure to keep Santa behind Jesus.

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