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Shane, funny stuff. I laughed out loud at your sarcasm and just shook my head at the depravity of these clueless people. Keep up the good work. You have come a long way. Attacking Alan Day to getting all of KC angry. I leave you with Mark Driscoll to encourage more of your offensive endeavors. If you are not telling people to repent of anything, then what good is the church? It is just a mutual admiration society. - "Oh, you believe that? We believe that too." Great! Why would I give my life for this? Why would I die for this? When you have a counter-cultural kingdom message, it is very offensive, in a very attractive way. People come to it. Just like the OT Prophets who sounded crazy, but it is the only thing that makes sense.
Mark Driscoll, Pastor at Mars Hill Church in Seattle Washington.


Another great blog Shane!
People's demented and UNGODLY views to the scripture sadden me. I just hope that those who accept and agree with such perverseness(homosexuality)can also accept and agree with the consequences that their disobedience to GOD'S HOLY and INFALLIBLE WORD will lead them. I pray that the LORD will reveal what the scriptures truly mean to all of those individuals who can use the word of God in such a way that they can try to cover up or hide their sin from the rest of the world, luckily they can never hide it from GOD!

brian k

ok, maybe you are casting perils before swine here. dont tell them i said it, but they dont know the true God. im reading "religious affections" and Jonathan Edwards would say that these people have a imaginary God that is a figiment of their imaginathion. they dont care about truth. p.s. you might want to take your lap top with you to the hospital, you may have more time than you think and get bored. good bloggings!

Debi U.

I'm sure you weren't surprised by the letters disagreeing and neither was I - people are so lost. We know from God's Word what is right and what is wrong and they choose not to see it. Thanks for your boldness and faithfulness to the truth.

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