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Amen and amen.


Thanks for speaking out on this issue. I think we need to say much more than is being said by the Christian leadership of this country. There is no greater issue, and no greater crime that is being committed against humanity and God than this one. May God bring people to their senses so that they understand that they simply do not have the right to nullify the rights of the creator to declare personhood on that which He has created. I hope things are well.


yes it is sad that a government that claims to defend human rights wont step in and defend helpless babies. but what is even more a tragidy is that mothers are killing their own babies. i mean whats worse a stanger killing you or your own mother. pray that american mother's will be set free from the evil one and will accept Gods blessing. yes Children are a blessing, if anyone disagrees with this, there heart are being warped by the same cultural lie that led to the thought of abortion. can you imagine just thinking one day, there must be a way to get rid of this baby in me. all i know is that thier would be no such thing a abortion if we would only have repented for not seeing children as a blessing. God has truly handed america over to our evil ways. God forgive us!!


It is so sad that this world is using (what i seem to think of it as) the Death penalty for innocent babies instead of real deserving criminals, mabye if they would turn that around the right way, that would be a better way to control the population (which is why i think that they think that it is o.k.)our government is so warped!!!

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