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Sometimes I wonder if all of the people who decide that it is ok to kill innocent babies have children, because you look out there and see how many people want to have children and can't, I think if some of them had the same problem it wouldn't be so easy for them to give these innocent babies a death sentence. If i didn't know that God will judge and punish the immoral people of this world then it would be so hard to go on with life, however THAT IS A PROMISE HE MADE AND A PROMISE HE WILL INDEED KEEP AMEN!!!

Debi U.

Slow in reading your blog - it all boils down to the fact it seems to me that if you can somehow make yourself believe it's not really a human life at conception, only a blob of matter, then your conscience is clear (so you tell yourself). I know this personally because before I was born again, this is how I thought. I've never had an abortion and had alot of trouble getting pregnant, and obviously never had an unwanted pregnancy, but there were times when I didn't DIScourage someone from having one and I will have to live with that sin - I know I'm forgiven, but the pain of knowing what I DIDN'T do will always be there. I don't know if it was because of my lack of a personal relationship with the Lord or just being stupid and swayed by what I heard (which obviously wasn't coming from any Christians at the time). But now it's almost impossible to believe I ever thought that way. My prayer is definitely that there will be NO abortions, no matter what the reason.

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