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You are so right, I know it might be hard to believe (ha ha ha) but I have quite a temper when I get angry, and most of the time I say really mean and hurtful things usually to my husband, I even did it today, it was a part of my lifestyle before I was saved that I am not proud of, yet it is so hard to keep myself from doing it sometimes. When I do it I later think to myself I know that God is so ashamed of me for my words, and still the next time I get angry I do it again, I feel I try hard not to, but I mostly don't succeed. Mabye if I lived my life with the mindset that this could be my last minute on earth, I could to better. The last thing I want to do is say something hurtful to someone I love or anyone for that matter and that be the last time I say anything to them. I pray that OUR HEAVENLY FATHER will soften my heart and help me to curb my tongue!!! Shane Thank You so much for doing such a great job informing us of these things IT really gets me thinking, AM I LIVING FOR ME OR FOR OUR GLORIOUS SAVIOR WHO GAVE HIS PRECIOUS LIFE SO THAT I MIGHT LIVE! WHAT A GIFT AMEN!!!

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