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yea, its a scary world out their, its a VERY HARD FIGHT, but i will fight for my four daughters to the end no matter the cost, what i think is saddest though is that we as parents get very little help from the church in this area. the thing i fear most in this life is how my girls will turn out, i do everything i can do to keep them from this life-style but my only hope is in prayer for Gods grace. without His Spirit my girls are doomed. I beg thee Lord jesus, fill them with your Holy Spirit! and for those parents who feel it to late, beg for His Spirit as well, for He can form purity out of filth, but it will take fire.


What do you mean you don't get any help from the church your the parent its your responsibility to make sure what they wear and how they look. Your the parent and sometimes all we can do is pray and hope they remember what they have been taught.

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