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Well you said it all, and i feel the same way. How are the confused children who are struggling with homosexuality supposed to get the right answers if the infulences of this world are giving them their sinful answers, and their family's don't care what God wants them to do, those children will go with the flow and think that it is ok for their imorality and them fight to keep people from criticizing them for it. I too pray that this world would wake up before the judgement that we all deserve is given to us and there is no more time to say Today is NOT the day for me to change my evil ways. Let us all remember that Today Is The Day.

Harry Gaylord

I totally agree with your assessment of this whole situation. As with any other news story, parts of it were probably left out so we would only get a skewed version of it to give these types of kids sympathy. Based on some of the things mentioned, there are obviously problems in this marriage that have not been worked out and the whole family is suffering as a result.

This father is a reflection of so many dads in our society today who are total wimps because of the anti-male feminist movement. They're afraid to stand up for what's right to avoid being nagged or called a chauvinist. Then there's this wife and mother who probably has spent many hours of her day watching Lifetime movies. I imagine she probably let her son watch them with her and he inadvertently started hating men and eventually himself.

Overall, I'd say these parents sound like the ones who appear on shows like "Nanny 911" who let their children run the household instead of the other way around.

happily non-transgendered

Your blog is full of prejudice. You clearly don't understand transgender. It has NOTHING to do with sex, it's about their perception of their own gender.

Why do you think there are many transgendered adults now fuming about how their parents mistreated them and disrespected them? To be frank, that's their parents' FAULT for ruining their lives.

Really, you come across as a true coward who's so frightened by challenges of few children wanting to be DIFFERENT from what you think they should be. You don't KNOW. You're not in their shoes and you have NO business to criticize them if you're not a parent of a transgendered child.

Rev. Pamela H. Briddle

You must not know or serve the same God I do.I wonder what qualifies you to claim the authority to preach and teach the Gospel? Have you read it??? You seem to have completely missed Jesus' messages of undonditional love and grace. How fortunate that even misguided, misinformed, ignorant, exclusionary, hatefilled people, are loved and forgiven by my God. For then, you can be assured that you will be. It is pastors like you who drive people away from God, who inflict immeasureable pain upon God's children, who separate people from the loving God who created them - IN HIS IMAGE. I pray for those who are victimized by your ministry. And I pray for you. May God forgive you.
Reverend Pamela H.Briddle, United Church of Christ (the loving One)

Marilyn Michels

Pastor Shane:

You are so right on target w/ this blog. I commend you for it. It shows that you are a "loving pastor" by confronting the issue & not embracing it. It shows true Godly character. At least you don't sweep it under the rug & act like it's ok because one day those pastors that embrace this will have to answer to the Lord for misleading their congregation. By the Lord's unconditional love & grace He can bring people out of this lifestyle w/ His almighty power. May God forgive the "Reverend Pam Briddle" for her eyes being blinded to the truth.



I wonder what qualifies the Ms. Briddle to even discuss what the Bible teaches since she disregards its clear teachings on homosexuality?

She must have missed Jesus' teaching that unless sinners repent, they will perish as did those on whom the Tower of Siloam fell. Now THAT'S loving because it gives a warning to flee from the wrath to come.


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