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Jackie Taylor

From a basically Republican newspaper - thank you for the commentary. I'm hearing Fred Thompson may jump to the forefront of the Republican hopefuls. We'll see where he lies on such topics. JT

Debi U.

Hillary Clinton and the Democrats are unbelievable, but I'm not surprised. Your scripture quote applies to this country perfectly and unfortunately. Increases my resolve to pray against abortion. Thanks for another great blog.


I know that sadly i used to vote for whomever i thought i wanted to. Not because i looked into what their morals were. And i think that if i would have heard from alot of people, that this or that person wants to kill innocent babies, i would have voted for the ones that didn't. Mabye if we had people that were willing to go out on a limb and say i don't care what people think of me and tell the world what these people think, mabye those unknowing people would have a chance to hear what these people are moraly thinking, and change the way they vote. Mabye the option should be hysterectomy before abortion, that might make people think about not getting pregnant first if it would complicate their lives and not just a little innocent baby that they have never met. There are no consiqinces for abortion, so why wouldn't the moraly wrong want to choose that option instead of something that will effect only them. We all need to pray for and help the innocent babies that can't speak for themselves

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