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Pastor Shane,
I just wanted to say that as you know i read your blogs, and because i leave comments, i got to read them. And i wanted to encourage you by saying Thank You, for always focusing on GOD and teaching HIS word the way HE has instructed you to do. You are so very bold in what you say, not caring how pople think of you, and for always teaching the truth, and for that you will recieve many rewards in Heaven. I only wish that i had your courage so that i can share the truth to whomever i come in contact with, that is so hard and you do it so well. KEEP PREACHING THE TRUTH NO MATTER WHO OR WHAT STUMBLING BLOCKS SATAN PUTS IN FRONT OF YOU, KEEP YOUR EYES FIXED ON HIM AND I KNOW HE WILL CONTINUE TO GIVE YOU STRENGTH IN HIS PERFECT TIMING, WHEN YOU NEED IT. GREAT JOB AS ALWAYS!!!

Jackie Taylor

Go Pastor Shane! Sounds like from the comments to the editorial that he struck a raw cord in several people. I for one will continue fighting for our 4th Amendment rights - if we don't we may lose them altogether.

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