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doesn't sound like Rep. Boyda is going to change her mind of the matter, however i am so glad to hear you once again be so bold as to speak the Biblical truth and to stand by Gods word no matter the criticism you recieve from it. I pray that the Lord will soften Rep. Boyda's heart and she will to do the right thing and vote against it and not let our rights of freedom be even more quickly stolen from us. Keep Preaching it shane


Shane, well said. You really exposed some areas of inconsistency in Congressman Boyda's thinking and justification for the stance he/she took. It seems to me the congressman is just toeing the party line. And I think you were right to ask the congressman to be consistent in protecting all life, whether in the womb or out. So, when are you running for congress? Thanks for modeling for your people and others the opportunity to make a difference through the government God has given us, and may God use you to mobilize those who don't think or want to think about everything in a comprehensively consistent and biblically driven way.

Debi U.

Wonderful response to Boyda's reasoning for her vote. Thank you for your boldness.

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