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Bob Woody


You are very close to the mark regarding your discussion of our education system. During my academic years I was amazed at how many PhD types could work evolution into their class outlines. I might understand this better if I had been a life science major but I was a studying geology. Buy the time I received my graduate degree I had been indecently exposed to many of theories designed to elevate macroevolution to the status of a scientific fact. Whether the theory was natural selection, gradualism, genetic drift, punctuated equilibrium, phyletic gradualism, or any one of several others they would almost always be brought up at some point no matter how irrelevant to the topic.

During a 500 level basin analysis class I took at the University of Missouri-Rolla the instructor (who is still a good friend of mine) managed to work in Ernst Haeckel’s late 1860 ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny theory. This theory of embryonic recapitulation asserted that the human fetus goes through various stages of its evolutionary history as it develops. Haeckel produced detailed drawings of the embryonic development of eight different embryos in three stages of development to bolster his claim. His work was hailed as brilliant. At the time it was the great development in the understanding of human evolution. It also was a flat out lie. A few years later his drawings were shown to have been fabricated, and the data manufactured. Of coarse I did not find out until later that this data was fabricated and it was known by the end of the 19th century that it was fabricated. I guess Dr. G for got to mention it.

As far as I am concerned here is the bottom line on macro or straight-line evolution. If someone (regardless of his or her credentials) wishes to accept the theory of evolution based on the faith that someday someone may find the evidence to prove it then the discussion has left the realm of science and has entered in to the realm of religion. And as we are informed every day there is no room for religion in the class room.

Bob Woody

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