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Jackie Taylor

It is frustrating to me to have to vote for the lessor of the evils. I wish a good solid candidate would come forward that Christians could stand behind, as well as others, and support with pride.

Larissa Douglas

I watched this special on PBS, which I was absolutely facinated with. It was interesting simply because Smith asked these 'religious' people to do very base and unrighteous things, like leaving their families and wives to follow him, taking new wives, sometimes more than one, from amongst the ranks. It is amazing to me the longevity of this cult, which is not even credibly believable about the Isrealites and the Native Americans due to recent dna studies. I just don't think I would vote for an individual that perceives their ridiculous religion as a 'truth' and also says he is 'conservative' at the same time. I find it questionable whether Romney is really credible, based on his lack of understanding and discernment in following the teaching of Smith or even the current president, Hinkley. To imagine that only 160 years ago Smith had the vision to run for president and now, in our society so clouded in terms of morality, one of his followers actually is.


Thanks for this blog. I delved in and learned a bit about Mormonism when I haphazardly befriended a Mormon woman in OK.
She was Mormon "to the core" and had obviously been trained to make Mormonism sound very much like Christianity...I was naive and foolish before I knew much about it for myself, although I'd heard it was a cult. I had another acquaintance in my church who listened to me talk some of these things over with my Mormon friend, being somewhat "sucked in" to her Mormonese language that made it all sound okay.

The reason I bring this up is because my fellow church member (you can see from above I do not call her a friend, as she did not prove herself to be) knew I was being misled and NEVER CAME TO ME TO SET THINGS RIGHT AND MAKE SURE I WAS ROOTED IN THE TRUTH.

Later I was very disheartened by this, when I learned so much about Mormonism, and I was saddened by my sin of not standing up to say to my Mormon friend that I would be glad to be her friend, but that Mormonism is a cult and to give her examples of why that is (trying to restore her to the truth). I missed a great opportunity.

So my point is this: thank you, Pastor Shane, for telling the truth about this cult and --to anyone who now knows the truth about the roots of modern day Mormonism, THEY HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY to restore others to that truth if they are misled. To include Mormons themselves, and anyone in the Church who believes that Mormonism is okay.

Great Blog, Audrey


What about Moses parting the Red Sea and Noah gathering two of every animal on the earth and fitting them onto his massive boat which floated around in some huge flood? That's real believable. Honestly, if you want to bring DNA and science into the story, then I think the story of Adam and Eve is pretty much not possible since we are all supposed to be descended from an African ancestor. Did Adam and Eve's kids commit incest to populate the world? When you weigh the good against the bad, the believable against the hard to believe, the LDS church is one of the best organizations out there today. One can find something to criticize about pretty much any religion. There's no religion on earth with perfect members or a perfect record.

A small clip from Wikipedia: "The term "cult" first appeared in English in 1617, derived from the French culte, meaning "worship" or "a particular form of worship" which in turn originated from the Latin word cultus meaning "care, cultivation, worship,"......Sounds OK to me.

Lloyd Peterson

As a pastor, I am sure you are aware that it is a sin to bare false witness. I would suggest that you do some fact checking and double check you sources before you spill out your prejudices. You look uneducated and unchristian. It sounds as if the mormon missionaries have been successful in your area. Spread the gospel of peace, not hate if you are a true follow of Christ.

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