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Marily Michels


Thanks for the encouragement!


 Sara Lee

Indeed, God has Supreme Sovereignity. He does allow the beating of Kelsey Smith so you don't recgonize her. Her family were not allow to identify her. He does allow
Greenberg Ks. to be blown of the map. He is
also the God of all comfort. His ways are not our ways. He is worthy of all praise,
honor and glory. We are but a shadow passing
thru. Praise Him. Sara Lee


Does God allow bad things to happen or does He ordain that they happen? perhaps i believe in a super supreme sovereign God.


Both "ordain" and "allow" would be true. God's Sovereignty over all things results in his "ordination" of events. Yet often times He uses a "secondary causality" to achieve those events. For example, Satan's torment of Job (Job 1), & Paul's thorn in the flesh (2 Cor. 12) that I mentioned in Sunday's sermon. God "allowed" Satan to inflict evil upon God's children for the "ordination" of His perfect plan (Rom. 8:28) Therefore it is accurate to say God "ordains" that things come to pass, as well as "allowing" things to come to pass.

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