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i absolutly cherish these kind of moments, they have a way of putting everything into the right perspective. tell savanna that if the sky was green and the grass blue she would have to walk up-side down. don't worry you have to be 4 years old to get it.


You know that J.C. Ryle says that no spiritual truth is too big for a child even as young as 3 years old and don't be afraid to discuss any spiritual and/or biblical topic with your children. I thought that was profound for me because I would certainly shy away from telling Silas even a very simple explaination of the trinity, much less a soul, but I sincerly agree that we should definately pursue those moments just like J.C. Ryle encourages, there is not an age too young when it comes to the truths of the gospel!


What a great story. Kids are precious. I treasure the conversations I had with my children when they were little.

Here's a thought on your comment below:

“Yes, Savannah. Jesus promises us that if we will love and follow Him in this life….we WILL be saved.”

While loving Christ and following him are important, I see the condition for salvation and eternal life being based on "belief" (jn 1:12, 3:16, 6:47, 11:25, Acts 16:31, Romans 5:1, etc) not performance (loving and following).

A person's level of love and following will waver. When it does their assurance of eternal life will waver also.

By basing their assurance instead on the biblical condition of faith, they can have confidence regardless of their wavering in love or following. Belief in Christ will never disappoint.

Thanks for the story.


Thanks for the comments. I would whole-heartedly agree that our salvation is based on faith (belief) and not works. (Ephesians 2:8-9) However, I would also say that true faith will result in our loving and following Christ in this life. Saved by faith, which is manifested in love and obedience to Christ.

I hope that clears up any fuzziness my blog might have had.
Thanks again,

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