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shane, good article but im a little confused about the first paragraph. is saving faith really seperate from our day to day faith? isnt it so, that if we have saving faith we will trust in God's providence. i agree it is hard but is not the outcome of this faith salvation. 1 Peter 1:3-9. if we dont keep our faith we have no salvation, graciously God will not let that happen to his chosen people. if this is right then im confused about having two seperate faiths. could you explain this to me- brian


Salvific faith is certainly lived out day to day. But there can be an "ebb and flow" to our "faith" in terms of trusting God the way we should. While there is no "ebb and flow" to our salvific faith---you either have it or you don't. What I meant was that you can be a Christian with "faith in God" and yet still sinfully doubt God in a particular trial. Salvation is still there...but the severity of the trial jolts your faith somewhat. Maybe I didn't word the first paragraph very well.
Thanks for the comment.

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