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Rocky Beltz

I agree. So many times we get so caught up in being politically correct that we become morally bankrupt. Children have been given the tools, by counselors, media, peers and the internet to lock parents in a corner. My personal favorite is the "I'll tell that you hit me and then you won't have to worry about me any more!". This is followed closely by the "If you don't give me what I want I'll just get a new mom and dad". We now live in a society where God has become an afterthought.
This is not a new problem. This is a problem that has been allowed to grow over the years. Corporal punishment and prayer have been removed from schools, time out and loss of internet priveleges have replaced added chores and spanking and communication has been replaced with frustration.
Child abuse, in any form, is wrong. I firmly agree with this; however, perhaps the most overlooked form of abuse is setting a child up for failure, prison or death by neglecting our responsibility to instill a sense of self-discipline created through discipline balanced with communication, wrapped in morals. We need to get back to family. We need to get back to the days of building self-esteem through self-displine. Right now we are forced to build self-discipline in-spite-of self-esteem.
Prayer, strong morals and a dedication to teaching in God's example is how we build a stronger society for tomorrow. As parents we are given an instruction manual. Sometimes we just forget or think we get to busy to read it. I refer to it as:
Make the time and it will make the difference!


Read the book, and so thankful that God put it into my path, especially when my girls were so very little....I want to do what God says, not the world.

Scripture is true, and it works when you follow it!


I loved this part:

***Andrew responds well to the Rod. His sister Savannah seems to respond well to Andrew getting the rod also and usually needs only the threat of the rod. ***

Savannah sounds like when my daughter was growing up, all you had to do was MENTION the spoon and she was SHOOK. My son on the other hand, he KNOWS full well what the spoon looks and feels like. :)

Thank you for writing this article.


Thanks for such a great article! I've recently stepped up more in my parenting (I've spanked for a while, but as you said, as a last resort - Not anymore!) and this is very encouraging to read!


Andrew sounds like J.T. and your journey somewhat like ours. I read every book and especially tried to implement Dobson's. It was apparent at two when J.T. would routinely throw fits that included launching scissors and other deadly weapons that I cried out to God and someone gave me the book you mentioned, "Shepherding a Child's Heart." Wish I would've had that when my girls were younger! My heart aches for their children whenever I hear well-meaning Christians who don't believe in spanking. The Bible is all-sufficient in its instruction after all.



Can you post one place in the bible where Jesus told us to discipline our children by spanking them?

But I have read about the topic of course and I try not to be rude here but spanking can not be right ala "make them into submission" by pain.

What do you think about crying and screaming before, during and after the spanking? If they cry too loud from the pain then spank them harder or longer pastors tells us. Warn them about a second spanking if they are sobbing loudly. After it if they crying do not stop, spank them again. And this is addressed to small young children age of 2-3 and up.

It was a website who posted this in the name of God who recommend it and books are written about it. If the child has sad face about it after it then spank them again. It was also a case where the police had to come in after a ministry with pastor recommend a mother with her 5 year daughter to spank her again, again and again to make her stop crying.

The spanking wend for 45-50 minutes. Sound this right or abuse? In those countries where spanking is all forbidden then what? Are they not following God then? The bible says we shall obey the law. Children have also reported that the pain of the spanking or effects of it has stayed for 2-3 days at the most. Is this sound right? Or if a 2 year child cry when it goes to bed and it gets spanked for it again and again and again to make it stop.

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