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I can't say enough amens to that.


I see a bright orange t-shirt in your future. On the front is a picture of a big .45 automatic and on the back are the words "PISTOL PACKIN PREACHER".

Debra Ellis

I agree if it wasn't a gun it would be something else if their crazy their going to use what ever they can get their satanic hands on!

Dave Sweat


I thank God for people and pastors such as yourself. Common sense and wisdom seem to have died as of late, and i can say from writing a progun column in the linn county news for several years (years ago) most of linn county agrees with you. of course as you know, the problem is that there is too much apathy. people dont believe that the enemy of our guns will ever ban them, or restrict them to the point we cannot own them. great column! i enjoyed it! and i whole heartedly believe as you do!


Great post, Shane, as always. So appreciate your passion and willingness to take a stand.


Amen. From your, law-abiding, gun-toting, pastor friend at ABBC.

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