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Terri Lilley

Beautiful poem and biblically accurate. Just found this blogsite and am delighted in Shane's teaching of the Word. I'm looking for a Reformed Baptist church in Georgetown, TX but found one that was legalistic and judgemental, and now understand the difference in the 1644 and 1689 Confessions. I will keep this site on my bookmark bar and look forward to reading all the articles. Thank you.
Terri Lilley

Alaina Joiner

This is so beautiful. It excites me. I can’t wait to be with my Heavenly Father


My husband is enjoying paradise now and this is what I envisioned heaven to be like. As others, I wish to go home but God has His plans.
Thank you for sharing.

Marcia Simpson

That poem is so beautiful my husband passed May 26 2020 and I miss Tony so much we were married 34 years I lost my best friend you are blessed to be able to write something so sweet thank you I enjoyed it. Charlene Simpson

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