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Deb M

Agreed 100 percent!


Totally on target - amen!


Where, in this blog entry, is there room for Jesus' grace? All I see here is condemnation that Jesus didn't express toward sinners, and He was/is perfect. If anyone had the right to condemn, He did, but He chose grace instead. Not one of us is better than anyone else, and thinking we are better is sin in itself.

Jack Selph

There has to be recognition of sin to even acknowledge grace. I ain't better than anyone else. Without the sacrifice of the BLOOD of JESUS I am just a depraved as she or anyone else. Love is not a license to continue . Repent is an ugly word because it requires us to turn away from something and turn toward Godly activities.


Thanks for the comment. As to your question about where in the blog is grace? My last paragraph says: "No question she needs prayer; and there's no question about the fact that it would be glorious to see God show her grace and change her heart and life." I don't believe we do people a service by ignoring sin. And acting like Jesus is the only person called to speak against it. All Christians are called to "speak the truth in love." My main criticism in the article was the parents; whom I believe (like many in America today) have shirked their role as provider and protector. As I said in the article, if I were Miley's dad my desire would be to protect her rather than exploit her. I think that would be an example of a gracious father. Though sometimes grace requires strength and even force. For example, the grace of God in Christ required a brutal crucifixion.

Thanks again for the comment. I'm sorry if I came across as too harsh in your mind.

Shane Kastler

Lisa Cash

Shane, love your family, but I agree with Lauren above. This post is CLANGING so loudly in my ears that I am not sure I will be able to hear anything you say after this. Check yourself, brother.


Thank you for the concern. Obviously I disagree with you. I feel that my “CLANGING” (as you call it) is a necessary tool to awaken Americans; (and especially Christians) out of the spiritual trance they seem to have found themselves in. Who would have ever thought we would reach a time when a singer would come out dressed like that and perform like that? Too many Christians today simply “go along and get along” and are too intimidated to speak out against such things. American Christians seem to be so afraid of offending the world, that they now have no problem offending God. The world has duped many Christians into thinking it's “judgmental” to have standards of right and wrong. And to proclaim those standards. But the very call of the gospel is to repent from “sin.” Therefore “sin” must be pointed out and defined. I'm afraid many Pastors are guilty of this as well and seek to be thought of as “cool” rather than faithful. But Christianity has never been “cool” and never will be. The world crucified our Lord; and the world today still hates Him and His followers. We are called to be "salt and light" but that can't be done unless we are willing to sometimes be "salty" and shine a "light" into the darkness. I think if more Christians spoke out 10 or 20 years ago, maybe we'd have less of the nonsense we see today. Many have said that Miley is “sad.” I totally agree and said so in the article. I also said she needed prayer and that I hope God shows her grace. But much more needs to be done than simply “praying for Miley.” Her stunts were vile; and Christians need to point that out as well and remember that “without holiness, no one will see God.” (Hebrews 12:14) I have no influence over Miley and she's unlikely to ever read my blog (though I wish she would). But I do have influence over other young girls and their parents. And my hope is to convince them that the fame, fortune, “Miley Cyrus” route is a wide road that leads to destruction. I hope to convince them that they would be far better served to go the “Proverbs 31” route and follow Christ instead. Maybe they will heed my counsel, or maybe not. I'll leave that in the hands of a sovereign God. But I won't apologize for “clanging” the truth when most people today simply stay quiet to avoid trouble, or lap up the filth that the world dishes out......Thanks again for your comment and concern. I truly do appreciate it.

Blessings to you,
Shane K.


I think it is the "christian" community that needs to wake up. They need to realize that "hollywood stars" have sold their souls to the devil for fame and fortune so none of them are worth watching. They are putting on displays so that others will follow them into the pit. I know - as one who was reclaimed by the Master Yahushua (who most mis- name j-sus). He is Hebrew and His name means Yah's Salvation; He saved me.

I too refuse to watch the performance but according to the still photos that are plastered on the internet news Miley is portraying a manifested demon--note the knotted hair on both sides of her head that look like little horns and the extended tongue. Also, demons are transferred via sexual contact which is why the performance had such sexual overtones.

She probably is demon possessed. At best, her "performance" was choreographed and scripted by higher authorities (wickedness in high places) to send a message to anyone who can read symbols. The message is that there is something demonic about to be unleashed on America and perhaps the entire world.

I had a dream about it over a year ago, and I want to leave Babylon (the U.S.) but have not been allowed to...yet. Here's a link to the strange dream I had; it's the second one listed ---http://yahushuareturns.wordpress.com/dreams-and-visions/

Many people have and continue to sacrifice their children to the devil aka L-rd G-d. When Billy Ray professes G-d, he is right. Christians are the ones who use pagan terms to describe the Most High whose name is Yah according to Ps 68:4 and other Hebrew texts. Then they get irate when the devil's people use the term correctly.

L-rd G-d is also known in scripture as "baal gad" or the Babylonian diety of "FORTUNE." Get it now--Billy Ray is blessed by G-d, but Yah may have a different verdict to hand down to him for sacrificing his daughter to the devil.


Also, the character of Yahushua has mistakenly been altered right along with His name. He came in the Father's name and character. The Father does not tolerate unrepentant sin not washed by the blood of Yahushua.

The grace that we have by believing in Yahushua (Yah's obedient Son) is the grace to repent of sins, be washed, and converted. There is no grace to live sinfully as many teach about J-sus.

There is no mistaking the mission of Yahushua to do the Father's will. His first coming was to free the captives, open the eyes of the blind, and preach the gospel to the poor (Luke 4:18, Isaiah 61:1). His return is to fulfill the last part of the Isaiah prophecy in (Isaiah 61:2) to declare the day of vengeance of Yah.

Since judgement day is fast approaching --CLANG ON!!


Miley is a victim. She is a MK Ultra slave. You shouldn't be ridiculing her, you should be convicting her handlers and programmers.

Jo Landry

Amen. Satan has his marks all over this girl (check out her all seeing eye tattoo along with many other blatant nods to whom she now actively serves). I agree wholeheartedly that the saddest part of all is the complete absence of parental protection, wisdom etc. I think they (her parents) must surely already be tasting the sourness of exchanging your own daughter (soul included) for such temporal emptiness. I attempted to watch the clip the news linked to, but it was so spiritually oppressive I felt too sick to keep on looking. Satan is having a ball in the music industry and God's people need to wake up and lift high the banner of the cross as soldiers of Christ.Thanks Shane for 'quitting ye like men' and keeping His banner high.

John Veritas

Remember, We wrestle not against flesh & blood, but principalities.
She is (willingly) being used by spirits of the darkness which (she thinks) give her power in exchange for her ever-increasing depravity. Condemn the act, not the person. Someone get to her, and get her to see. However, you may not be able to cast out a demon when the host is a willing participant. Pray for her. She really needs it. She really needs the help only Jesus can provide. Pray for her.

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