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Garrett Smith

Had this book recommended to me by a friend, and had been looking for some in depth analysis. Thanks for this.


I would hardly call something "in depth analysis" that resorts to name calling, belittling, ad-homimem, and straw-man attacks. Cheers.

Donald Forbes

Like matthew henry once said "he once wrote the law on stone , now he wrote it on their heart." This is the same law in both covenants just different promises with the verdict being in both God wants salvation for us. The first covenant was for a nation therefore when they would not walk in truth the whole nation would get punished. The new is in our hearts , and is an individual covenant with each and every one of us allowing us as individuals to go boldly to the throne of grace.
I usually don't like to hate on people but Andrew Farley , by taking away the law that is holy , just and good , the same law david calls perfect and converts the soul , does not understand love and how the law is love. If you get rid of law than you lose love which is the character of God. The first four commandments support love to God and the last six support love to your neighbor. By keeping the commandments is how we know that we know God and if we don't keep them we are liars.
Why would a kingdom thet rules with righteousness and has perfect leaders with a perfect heavenly sanctuary get rid of a perfect law? Jesus commandments are the ten commandments because it was Jesus that wrote them with his finger in the old testament. I coyld go on for hours on this subject but my reason for even writing is that I wish all that read this will go and study this for themselves and build their beliefs on a better foundation.
Andrew Farley is all grace and no law . With no law there is no love. With no love there is no Christ because love was what he had as his ministry. When you lose Christ while still preaching or using Christ to mix truths with lies there is no more truth , only lies. Be careful because satan himself is like a lion seeking souls and if it is possible will deceive the devoted christian too. He can be transformed into an angel of light and can use people like Andrew Farley making more little synagogues of satan. God bless and grace and mercy to all.


Christ is the end of the law, man, haven't you read Rom 10:4?

'Now therefore why tempt ye God, to put a yoke upon the neck of the disciples, which neither our fathers nor we were able to bear?' Act 15:10

We are not under the law, but under grace, according to no other than Paul! Rom6:14

Hey guys haven't you heard, there is a completely new covenant.


My impression of reading your rather destructive "analysis" is that you pride yourself on your intellect and are most probably hell-bent on making a name for yourself as a religious teacher.
I doubt you really understand the love and grace required to be a good shepherd, nor that you know the true condition of your flock - since they are most probably in a state of spiritual abuse.

Sandra Miele

I have recommended Andrew Farley's book to everyone I know! The Gospel message really is that simple--why do we all try to complicate it? It's clear from your "analysis" of his book that you do not understand love...all you do is "bash" a fellow brother in Christ. Shouldn't your "critique" be done in love? If you're someone who grew up in legalism like I did, you will find Andrew's book the most refreshing look on the Gospel message of our Lord and Saviour! Thank you Andrew, for continuing to write despite the harsh and unloving criticisms you receive by supposed "brothers" in Christ.

Sandra Miele

Did you even read the book Andrew and his wife wrote on global warming?? I suggest you do before you use it against them. It's actually a bang on book regarding all the misconceptions of global warming from a very Godly perspective!


Have you ever looked on a women and lusted in your heart? You need to pluck out your eye. I'll find you an eye patch. Get plucking.

Shane Kastler

Thanks for the comment Betty. I think you’re confused when you take a statement that is obviously of a hyperbolic genre and demand literal interpretation. Or rather demand that I apply a literal interpretation. To understand the Bible we have to take things in context and perceive what the Lord is saying based on that. It is certainly true that a person would be better off to enter Heaven missing an eye as opposed to going to Hell with two good eyes. Sin and judgment are eternally important matters, as Jesus clearly teaches. Another example of Jesus using a figurative idiom to teach a literal truth would be where he says we must “deny ourselves, take up our cross daily, and follow him.” (Luke 9:23) The principle he is teaching is self-denial and submission to him as Lord. He isn’t saying, however, that we must find a literal wooden cross and walk behind (follow) him. Context and common sense make clear what he is teaching. I have a desire to follow him, love him, and obey him. I assume you do as well. Therefore, we will both need to strive and understand the Scriptures; while relying completely on the grace that only the Lord provides.

Thanks again for the comment Betty. God bless you.

Randy Black

You seem to have brushed through Farleys writings in a quick 30 min read, most of what you shared about God without Religion shows you haven't truly investigated the book. Your take all Farley has written is in error, I have personally studied his notes on the New Covenate and the Law of Christ written on our hearts now for 6 yrs. and greatly thank God for the amazing Grace we are living in now, as Farley shares, because of the Blood Economy, the blood of Christ. He has certainly expounded on the work of Predestination so as to make it clear, the message you and many share is totally confusing, the simple message of Christ is so simple a child can share it.

Roger Esch

I know not of either you or Farley or the books either of you have written. I happened across Farley's name in a church bulletin I visited. However, my first inclination when seeking info on the internet about various Christians is to look for an anti-blog about that individual. Christians behaving badly should be someones new book title that I am waiting for. Your opinion has some merit but your tone is terrible. "Teenage girls , juvenile writing style " to name a few does no favor for you to making a more important point. Never attack authentic credentials.Its no different than attacking for lack of them from a place pride. Edit out all those jabs and pricks and your blog would also be less boring , more brief and to the point. Just say'n .

Shane Kastler

Thanks for the comments Roger. I will take them to heart and consider them.

Steven B

I have a relative who loves everything Farley says and writes…I for one agree with Shane on his analysis. Nice work and spot on especially on Farley's predestination and election view. To those who think Shane is too harsh in his criticism I would suggest to do what every Christian should do; apply scripture to Farley's writings and to Shane's analysis and decide for yourself but use the ENTIRE bible. Hint #1: believing some new testament scripture (i.e.) 1 John 1:9 doesn't apply or portions of the Gospels that Jesus references do not apply today is umm a bit of red flag. Hint #2: Presenting some "truth" isn't the sole test as Farley does. Hint #3: Farley's Roman Catholic "roots" should be at the minimum some amount of caution unless he was saved from it as I was.

Steven B

Pastor Shane,
The fact that most of these responses are filled with anger with you for exposing or even simply questioning the teachings by Farley is pretty good proof you're right on. As John MacArthur once said "truth divides" keep preaching it and maybe someone who is caught up in this "teaching" will see the error and repent…oops I forgot Farley doesn't believe in repenting if you're a Christian so much for that idea.

Shane Kastler

Steven -- Thanks for the encouraging words.

David W Kugel

I read Farley's books and was initially excited about his teachings. Here is a young man who has not been to seminary. He has a PhD in linguistics. Could this young man have found something that others have missed?
After about six months I lost interest in Farley's materials. I can't call him a heretic. I listened to John MacArthur's 12 tapes in the Sermon on the Mount which disagreed with much of what Farley says. We Christians do need to confess our sins. There are two types of forgiveness, judicial and parental. I believe now that MacArthur is much closer to what the Bible teaches than Andrew Farley.

Carl Carrero

Recently, a friend of mine recommended that I listen to a teaching of Chris Farley's on the will of God. Before doing so, I decided to do some research on him to get a handle on his beliefs. What I found were many critiques of his writings and theology, and many of those were similar to this. I haven't read The Naked Gospel or any of his books, but I did listen to that message. What I can take away from that message and the claims from his writings that I've read and compared to scripture is that we need to be careful who we follow. Take every teaching and compare it to the bible. Ask the Holy Spirit for revelation of the scripture. Don't get caught up in foolish arguments but seek the truth. There's no reason to respond to anyone, neither the author nor the blogger nor a commenter, with anything that doesn't come from a place of love. If we react without love to one another, our fellow brothers and sisters, we have to check ourselves even on that. Our responsibility is surely to alert the church to any false teachings we think are out there. Then we, the church, need to weigh it against scripture and decide on it. So maybe we should just do that. Our responses here to one another, and what we do with the information we've been given, really let us know where our faith is. And if we sincerely desire the truth, it will be revealed to us.

Make Hoskin

Have studied and taught for over 30 years and fully committed to Christ. I love Farley and disagree whole heartedly with your comments and in particular your tenor. I do agree with one commentator on McArthur, who I believe is the best out there. I've met him, attended his workshops and his church. That may make me examine Farley a little more critically Anyway, you sort of misrepresent what Farley teaches. Your example of sermon on the mount and great commission have timing problem as the sermon was prior to his death and great commission after. Personal attacks are not helpful. And it's "chock", not "chalk". Be fair, be nicer, and don't destroy unity because someone has a new take. I appreciate the wolf in sheep's clothing argument, but I'd listen and read more before going in early for the kill. Reminds me of similar tactics from Hanegraff. We should support fellow brothers and gently correct. But first be sure we've heard them completely. I'll keep listening, reading and watching Farley. Maybe you are right, but for now and from what I've seen, I don't think so.

Shane Kastler

"Make Hoskin" -- Thanks for the comments.

Scott Leonard

Shane, definitely could have used a different tone in that review! I have been studying and communicating with Andrew Farley now for a couple of years. His writing touches on a book I am writing on our Union with Christ. I think there's a lot of misunderstanding about what Paul says and does not say in regards to that.

I am a Reformed Baptist and have interacted with Andrew about his views on predestination.

One thing I do wonder about is the issue of a believer continually asking God for forgiveness. Of course, Jesus prescribed it in the Lord's Prayer, and unless you treat that with a somewhat dispensational approach--that he was raising the bar prior to the beginning of the New Testament--you have an issue to deal with, because he tells us right there to pray for forgiveness. (By the way, I believe the New Testament began at the resurrection of Christ, and that the New Testament Church was really not born until Pentecost.)

But a couple more comments, regarding asking for forgiveness as a believer.... I cannot find anywhere in the New Testament where the writers command us to ask for forgiveness. Paul certainly does not, and I don't believe the other writers do either. We are to confess our sins and we are to repent, all of that daily. But Paul says that all of our sins have been forgiven. Rightly, it was either you above or someone else who said that there is a legitimate argument for talking about being legally forgiven versus forgiveness within a relational framework. But I do think there is a legitimate argument that John's statements in the first chapter of his first epistle are in fact defining the entrance requirements of the Christian faith, rather than giving Christians instructions right there on daily living. And as he was speaking to Christians within the hearing of gnostics or something similar to gnosticism, it is, I believe, a legitimate understanding to see John's statement as saying that God forgives a person once he is willing to confess that he is a sinner (rather than saying he has no sin) and at that point he forgives us and cleanses from all unrighteousness and our standing with him begins. Here is a link to an article or sermon that MacArthur did on this and it is amazingly thorough. But it is interesting that he goes from saying that 1st John 1:9 doesn't command us to do anything, to a discussion of people who want to avoid the issue of sin all together and say that we don't need to repent or confess anymore. I just wonder what he would say to someone like myself who confesses sin all the time and repents all the time and thanks God constantly for forgiving him, but does not actually ask for forgiveness since it has already been accomplished??!!

Here's the link. No one covers things more thoroughly than John MacArthur!


I’m reading and enjoying this book right now. Amazing how steeped in religion our church is. We love it and the people there so dearly. We have grown and see some of this now. Religion does not lead people to the Lord it divides. Women must wear skirts, don’t be involved with the community. . Be in church three times a week or you will be cursed. Actually listen to his teachings and hear what he is really saying. It’s been ingrained in me by a thousand sermons that God is is going to punish me through my circumstances if I don’t follow these rules. Once we took our son to football on a Wednesday instead of Bible study. I was sweating and terrified the whole way that we would get in a car wreck. That’s when I realized how bad this has become. I’m done with religion. I’m ready to believe the scripture and nothing else that’s not in the Bible. I’m tired of living in fear. Don’t get me wrong we will do our research. But so far I like the book. No we aren’t taking grace as permission to sin. He doesn’t teach that. He teaches that God changes your heart! It’s going to take years to undo all this damage.

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