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Lance R. Gallardo

I once overheard a WWII vet being interviewed on NPR in the 90s sometime after Saving Private Ryan came out in the theaters and the interviewer concluded by asking the combat vet what would he wish for for the upcoming generations of Americans, his answer was powerful and profound, he said, "God give them the hardships that made us rich!" I think of that quote often in my life as I endure my hardships that may someday make me rich . . . rich in Wisdom, in Grace, in patience, in a Noble Spirit, In a Willingness to Sacrifice my comforts, my wealth and ultimately my life, in a cause greater than myself. What a Subtle and Powerful Legacy this man wished upon those who follow the Greatest Generation. Not a life of ease and idleness but a life full of the hardships that make men rich in character and Grace. I still get shivers remembering this man's bequest to those who follow his generation.

Andrew Schroer

Interesting article. Thanks! Because the Bible doesn't talk a lot about Joseph, we can easily forget about him.
I found you article as I was posting an article on my blog about what it means that Jesus is the Son of God. If you have a chance, check it out and let me know what you think. I would love to know what you think. Thanks!

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