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Allen Spencer

I agree that our opinions shouldn't be illegal.. but in this case the NBA is a private organization where they have a brand and an image to preserve. That brand and that image reaches out to all ethnicity's and the NBA has every right to protect it.

Even though this was recorded in the privacy of his own home.. the recording was made public and his views did not match up with the NBA's image so they had no choice but to take a stand to protect that image.

I appreciate your blog, but I think in this case freedom of speech has no validity.

Jackie Selph

I agree with you Shane. It is his opinion, whether its good or not. Where is freedom of speech here. What will they take away next. Perhaps, Christians won't be allowed to share their faith because it offends someone. I say, people be ware, we are slowly losing our constitutional freedoms.

Louis Wheeler

This is so insensitive, ignorant and politically correct.

Sterling is not a racist, he's Jewish. Jews have had a long history of not caring about anyone's skin color.

Is Sterling a bigot? Yes, but he is bigoted against gentiles, so non-Jewish blacks and whites are all the same to him. As a Jew he knows he cannot disrespect anyone he might do business with.

If he were racist, he would never have a half black girl friend. He was adamant that he was not against blacks. He said that Magic Johnson was a fine man. What concerned him was what his Jewish friends would say.

He was asking her to show Public Propriety. He didn't want the appearance that hes was having sex with other men. What she did privately was not a concern. He wanted his Jewish friends to not talk about her behind her back. Many husbands and boy friends have asked the same of their mates. She was utterly selfish.

It was his girl friend who was the racist, because she wrongly imputed his desires in racist terms. She was hypersensitive about her skin color. He constantly denied her contentions. He didn't know that he was being illegally taped or that the recording would be released.

My respect for his girl friend is at zero, because she was rude and insensitive of his needs. She was hot, but not worth to trouble she caused. But, who can explain who we love?

Duke Mantee

This is not America anymore. Even if one doe not agree with Sterling, he has a right to holding his views and even expressing them, just as he has a right to associate or not associate with others based on whatever beliefs he has or for whatever reason. That may not be popular but it's what freedom is about. It's profoundly American in the traditional and best sense. That's why they wrote the Constitution and why it's no longer followed. Political correctness is a big lie.

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