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Shane, this article is so right on. Growing up I thought that if something was in print, it had to be true. Why would anyone lie, or misrepresent truth? News reporters were supposed to be the most objective of persons, "telling it like it is."

Becoming a Christian opened my eyes. Then I saw clearly the bias of much news reporting. The internet has afforded us all a chance (finally) to research on our own and get to the bottom of an issue, to "sift through the propaganda" as you said.

And I agree with you on statistics. The way a question is worded necessarily skews a response. "When did you finally stop beating your wife? Two days ago? Last week? Last year? Can't remember?"

I refuse also to answer these trivialized polls constantly offered on-line. "Yes or no: Does Hillary have a shot at the presidency?" These kind of simplistic polls reveal...nothing.

Really, I find that news is simply a distraction, keeping us from doing what really matters: Loving God, loving others, making disciples. I am learning in this age of information overload to "Be aware, but not awash." It is very easy to follow some of these stories too far and neglect to do the main thing God has before me to do.

I will finish with a quote from Shakespeare that I squirreled away in my notebook decades ago:

"So study evermore is overshot: while one doth study to gain what he would, he doth forget to do the thing he should. And when he hath the thing he hunteth most, 'tis won as towns by fire: so won, so lost" (Love's Labor Lost: Act 1 Scene 1)


Excellent comments Scott! And excellent quote as well. How right you are.

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