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What I don't get and find frustrating are the constant accusations from Arminians that Calvinists are anti evangelistic. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact I have encountered numerous Arminians who have no desire to go reach the lost. No desire to even hand out Gospel tracts. The thought of going door to door is totally distasteful to them, and yet these very same Arminians, who themselves don't want to evangelize have been the ones to accuse Calvinists of being anti evangelistic. I have had some of these Arminians discourage me from evangelizing a lost person, because I need to show them that I love them and want to build a bridge of friendship first. I say no, this lost person may die tomorrow, long before I could build "a bridge of friendship". Where is this concept to be found anywhere in Scripture? That is what many Arminians think evangelism is. Just show a person how nice you are and they will want what you have. Or, invite a lost person to church and you have fulfilled your duty. I say it is pathetic, especially when they accuse Calvinists of what they themselves are guilty of. One of these people that I know has even had evangelistic opportunities handed to her on a silver platter, where a Jewish person asked her what her necklace meant, and all that she said was that that Jewish person's religion was the root of Christianity. That was it. How could someone waste a golden opportunity like that. Yet this same person discouraged me from giving the Gospel to a Jehovah's Witness acquaintance of mine, and warning this person of their false religion, because I need to show that person that I care about her and I want to be a friend first. Hello??!!!! Isn't giving someone the Gospel the best way to show you care? I say this friendship evangelism is a bunch of bunk, and those people that I have seen use it, never get around to sharing anyway, because they don't want to lose the friendship. Years go by with nothing said. Wow, some friend.

Ben Z

Shane, I came across your post via a Google search re Calvinism & Fatalism. While I am firmly in the Traditionalist camp and have not been able to see any difference between 'committed' Calvinist thinking and Theological Fatalism, I have to acknowledge that you provided a compelling argument against that perspective.

I find it easy to read and acknowledge those I agree with but desire to be challenged by those I don't. You have succeeded in being in the latter category and I look forward to reading more of your work.

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