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Wes Carnahan

Well spoken brother! Remember years ago when car-jacking was a daily news item throughout our country to the point people were getting used to hearing of it everyday and yet they were living in constant concern? Now you rarely hear of a car-jacking. It's not because of signs on the streets of "no car-jacking zone" or "gun-free zones". It's because a substantial percent of the law-abiding population are now legally packing and the car-jackers don't like the odds. They have been deterred and now it's big news whenever you hear of a car-jacking.
Mr. Obama's alligator tears and plea to get rid of handguns after every tragic murder is foolishness. That would be like as if President G W Bush would have vowed to disarm our military while standing on the
pile of rubbish at the world trade center on 9-11. The intelligent mind knows that's not how it life really works.

Thank you Shane for standing God, liberty, free speech and our rights.

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