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The whole "climate change" hysteria reminds me of Chicken Little, "The sky is falling!" There is ZERO science behind the hysteria...any 4th grader could tell you the earth has been much warmer in the past than it is today...and not due to factories or cow flatulence.

Good verses, Shane!

Garrett Smith

Shane, Given the depth of your writing on the rest of your blog, I'm a bit disappointed in your analysis here. Judging the claims of actual scientists only by the hysterical reactions of Al Gore is somewhat akin to judging all evangelicals by the positions of Fred Phelps. I'm sure that you wouldn't do that, or give any credence to anyone that did.

Additionally, I think that claiming that climate change has the ability to destroy the earth is a position that not even Al Gore has taken. The current projections of sea level rise - even in a worst case scenario - are something like 4 feet by 2100. If you think that this won't happen given God's promise of "Never Again" after the flood, I think it raises some fascinating questions of what you think the flood was actually like.


I agree with Garrett. I believe in the Authority of the scriptures but they shed no light on global warming. I'm dissapointed that a statement like "the Bible refutes it" is used, because I've yet to see how.

I'm also disappointed to see your article uses a straw man argument to attack the position of global warming. A straw man, because global warming does not predict a global flood, hence does not contradict God's promise regarding flooding. It does not predict the earth burning up, with absolutely no cold weather ever or complete failure of harvest, so it does not contradict Genesis 8:22. Portraying global warming as something that is not makes it easy to defeat (straw man) but does not actually address the issues and only removes credibility from your writings.

Another position I take issue with is dismissing the scientific consensus as government agenda driven agents. Surely you understand with 97% of the world's scientists in full agreement, it could not be the funding on one government that has so much influence. Not only that, but that includes scientists not on government payroll.

I believe if you took an honest look at the issue you would see there truly is a problem with global warming, just like there are many other problems on earth. This doesn't mean we live in fear, fret, or stop following God or praising Him- but we should be blinded to events truly taking place today or pretend they're not happening.

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