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Wonderful that this will appear in a newspaper - -

Cay Duhon

Thanks Shane, plainly and painfully true for the unbeliever, praise God for his grace and mercy on sinners, through the blood of Christ. Apart from grace the playing field is "equal" we're all sinners and fall short of the Glory of God!


To love the sinner is to acknowledge God's design.
To condone the sin, is to promote a lie and deception.
We are all sinners.
False witness, false accusations, innocent killed...
Will we, as Israel of old, question God with; How have we sinned?
Silence and blindness,to wrong, is wrong. Innocent blood spilled, demands justice.
Aggression, in the name of falsified zionism has killed many.
Steal, kill and destroy....
As for me and my house....
".....believe a lie and be damned..."
"I" will send them strong delusion...

What is my point?
We, as a nation have blamed the
innocent for attacks done by others. We have invaded countries due to false information, and false pretense.
We have killed, destroyed, robbed millions of souls.
We are allowing IDF militarized
training of our police force...,
Planning the release of terrorist spy, Pollard.
What have the Yemen people done to us to justify possible neutron bomb and cluster bomb exposure?
Or, depleted uranium exposure in
Iraq? (George Bush himself acknowledged that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11)
Queers, in general, are not viewed as overt, mean, killing machines, but do act as a marker of our degeneracy, but no more than Christian whoremongers, and liars.
Hopefully, you will never experience a no-knock warrant search, but every Christian with a Bible is now guilty of harboring hate-crime literature, which I am convinced, this situation makes those who believe Jesus is boiling in hot oil, in hell, quite ecstatic, because it is one step closer to legal justification for unrepentant Christians to join him.
Be not unequally yoked, the book says.
Hint: Militant Christian hating Muslims respect Christ as a prophet.
Some folks do their own dirty work, while others manipulate folks to do it for them.
At this juncture, speaking the truth is viewed as a crime by those who find the truth limiting.
Proof? Evidence?

We honor China as favored trade nation:
Because the eat fetal tissue?
Because they hate religious freedom?
Because they torture Christians?
Because they make crap quality stuff?

Hillary's deeds would make a spawn of satan blush with pride yet many "Christians" like her.
Obama,.... not qualified to be.
What political stance did these have in common?

What is church entrapment?

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