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Joshua Bradley

Great piece. More people should know these facts. I live in Memphis, and would love to have a side-by-side fact comparison of Forrest, Grant, and Lincoln covering 10 or so years on each side of the Civil War. Got anything like that?

Clint Maust Jr

I knew little of the conversion of General Nathan Bedford Forrest. I was delighted to discover two messages on YouTube by Pastor John Weaver titled "Old Bedford Forrest" and "Nathan Bedford Forrest"

I diligently kept searching till the Providential hand of God led me to your message.

I am delighted to read your message and hear the mp3 of the same message.

I too love history - actually tracing the Providential hand of God working in time and space through the lives of people as you and I.

I have a fascinating book titled "Christ in the Camp" which was written by Chaplin John William Jones. It is concerning the great revival that occurred in the Confederate Army.

I am saddened by those persons who wish to disturb the graves of General Forrest and his wife.

The life of General Forrest is as an Ebenezer as God instructed Joshua to build on the banks and in the water of the Jordan.

I understand that General Ewell was profoundly influenced by Thomas Stonewall Jackson's faith. He eventually gave his life to Jesus Christ.

Something of great spiritual significance has been overlooked concerning the War of Northern Aggression.

Much of what Americans experience now concerning the tyrannical abuses of the Federal Government can be traced to the radical republican agenda of the Civil War era.

Here are the titles of four essays I've created concerning influence of Confederate Christian soldiers.

Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson 1824-1863

Account of a Religious Service - Atlanta 1864

Chaplain John William Jones (1836 - 1909)

Sgt. Richard Kirkland - Angel of Marye's Heights

I am delighted to have become acquainted with you. Thanks for stepping up to the plate! I hope to hear more of your timely messages.

Jim McGlincy

Shane, I have and read your fine work on General Forrest and you are correct on several accounts. Unfortunately the haters are closed to fact. For years I have first person portrayed General Forrest to promote the true character of the man. In Memphis  their is no interest at any level to do the correct thing. Thanks for your great work.

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