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George Berry

If we do not turn to the Mosaic Law to inform our civil laws, where do we turn? It seems that we will have the laws of God or the Laws of man.

Shane Kastler

It seems you're boiling "Law of God" down to nothing other than the Mosaic Law. While that was certainly the Law that God gave Israel under the Old Covenant it isn't by any means the only example of God's Law. With that said, there would certainly be overlap between Mosaic Law and modern civil laws. But I would question whether or not Mosaic Law is meant to be a modern day model for civil governments. Why do we not use the portions of the Law forbidding clothing and food, for example? How do we determine which parts of the Mosaic Law to embrace and which to ignore? Especially when the New Testament declares the Law in it's entirety to be fulfilled and non-binding. As for your reference to the "Laws of man" -- what exactly are you referring to? I think some people see the Mosaic Law as the perfect example of governmental law, but this would be a grave error. I don't want to live under the Mosaic Code and I doubt you do either. Paul certainly didn't want to. The Law of Moses was never intended to be a universal model for governmental law. Rather it served as a "tutor" to drive the Jews to Christ. And then it's work was done.

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