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How come all discussions of who is to get to handle the levers of power is always framed about who gets to exercise these power that no one should have in the first place? Why does this not become the focal point in any discussion? Yet, most people follow their perfect programming to argue over candidates qualifications and issues but never question or challenge the most fundamental principles of the system itself, and examine how and why a handful of people can hold absolute power to decide life and death issues, take us to war, destroy the value of our money and to rig the markets? No one ever thinks in terms to challenge such a corrupt system which by its very nature can only be corrupt and corrupting on everyone and every aspect of our daily lives.

Tommy Curtis

On target as always Shane...Scalia is a huge loss; adding a left wing liberal, or a left of center liberal, or a garden-variety liberal would compound the loss and synergize the effect.


No autopsy??? A Supreme Court justice??? He was staying in the home of a friend of Obama's also....Yes, foul play...and a grand cover-up. But all secret things will soon be revealed...Romans 2:16 "This will happen on the day when God judges men's secrets through Jesus Christ..."

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