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Whew! Someone Facebooked Trump's tweet, and Moore's response. What was overlooked was what caused Trump to tweet in the first place. Moore "went after Trump" on t.v and in an op-ed page. Time and again, I've only seen Trump bash someone only if they've bashed him.

Trump is not a Christian...was Moore really expecting a "godly response" to his bashing? Trump only did what he's done all along. I think what Moore is doing is making the cause of Christ look bad to unbelievers. There is a way to publicly speak against someone without the strident tone that Moore has.

Plus, I agree with you about Moore's other article, "A White Church No More"...it was so garbled...why did he write it? What was the purpose? I think his is a classic case of trying to press GOP groupthink into Scripture, instead of letting Scripture inform what our true mission needs to be about.

Brad Layton

Excellent critique of Russell Moore. You're right; we need prophets and preachers and truth ... not another politician.

I respectfully disagree with your grouping of President Bush in the same general category as Obama and Clinton. Even with all his faults, President Bush's morality, basic decency, and faith are all light-years ahead of the bilious decadence of Obama and Clinton.

Joseph Hodge

1st...Have you personally spoken with Moore for clarification and understanding?

2nd...Do you not see yourself doing the same thing as you accuse Moore?

3rd...Do we have to be "perfect" in order to point out unrighteousness or must we simply call out transgressions as we see them and depend on others to reveal our own blindspots ?

Just asking...

Shane Kastler

Thanks for the comment Joseph.

1st.... Moore's article was in the New York Times, read by millions. It would be unreasonable to expect Moore to answer every detractor in person. Since his statement was public, my response was likewise. Clarification wasn't needed. He is a very clear and understandable writer.

2nd.... No, I don't see myself as doing the same thing I accuse Moore of. I accused him of being a pawn for establishment Republicans. I am neither "establishment" nor am I a Republican (nor am I a Democrat for that matter).

3rd....No, I don't think we have to be perfect. Nor did I ever suggest that, since no one is.

I like Russell Moore and agree with many of his stated opinions. I disagreed with this one.

Thanks again for the comments.


I do not understand your statement that Moore is another politician when he made it clear where his faith and hope rest. For him, it is not in Jesus and something else that gives security. It is in Jesus and his biblical convictions only. Definitely not like others who give homage to a gospel that pays lip service to a God that’s in control, but in reality heavily say that man is really the one who protects us.

Shane Kastler

I'm not questioning where Moore's "faith and hope" rest. When I refer to him as a "politician" that doesn't mean I'm referring to him as an "unbeliever." Rather, I'm saying his primary sphere of vocational influence is in the political world. And as such he sometimes gets sucked into trying to play "kingmaker" instead of speaking out on issues. A Trump presidency lessens Moore's influence and I believe his ego did not like that.

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