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Should a Christian serve in the military even as as a conscientious objector?

Shane Kastler

Tom -- I don't think military service would be forbidden for a Christian. Although I would caution Christians to be careful who they give their allegiance to. When John the Baptist encountered soldiers who became believers he exhorted them to go about their duties in an honest manner. He did not exhort them to get out of the military (Luke 3). Likewise, I think Romans 13 gives a legitimate role for government as a protector of citizens and a Christian could rightly serve in this way. Much like in police service. My biggest concern for a Christian in the military is that it is one of the few occupations that does not allow you to resign until your enlistment is up. Therefore you may be required to fight in a battle that you do not agree with, or even consider unethical. This could potentially create a moral dilemma for a believer. I thought the movie showed an interesting way in which one man sought to serve, while staying true to his religious convictions. Not all will agree with his views. But it was a compelling movie nonetheless. In a world where many embrace all American-led wars as just; I found it refreshing that this movie featured a man who refused to kill, yet still felt led to serve.

Thanks for your question.


Thank you, I'm constantly weighing similar stances from Lawrence Vance https://www.lewrockwell.com/author/laurence-m-vance/ and http://libertarianchristians.com/, to name a couple. If the State is nothing more nor less than a bandit gang writ large, living on the largesse of stolen goods via taxes, are the police and the military any different from mafia enforcers?

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